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Art is what makes life more interesting than art. Robert Filliou


Art is a way to question and to discover.

Creating is seeing, hearing, touching, feeling...

Looking & searching for new ways to tell,

to resist,

to criticize,

to propose,

to act!

Expressing unique and subjective point of view is an ethical and aesthetics research.

Looking at time and at cultures is also recognizing the endless plurality of histories and of identities.

My work is a temptation to explore relations, to discover oneself and the “other”.


Arts & cultures are the mirror of the journey of Humanity and its entire creation ever since.


Arts & cultures can contribute to an intuitive, sensitive as knowledgeable meeting between all differences, as to the recognition of similitude and universalism.


After all sexuality is birth, birth is death… and in between, love or hate, desire or rejection, loss or suffering, creations or destructions, giving or taking...


These are the sources, roots and reasons of my work, as my main interest in life.


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