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UNESCO-MOST – CIPSH – Mémoire de l’Avenir

Margalit Berriet is one of the directors of the Humanities, Arts and Society Project.

The mission of the Humanities, Arts and Society Project is to establish a worldwide movement of artists whose creative work will demonstrate the impact of the arts and of creativity on society, promote global understanding and collaboration, and contribute to the debate within the humanities regarding universal issues.


Humanities, Arts and Society is a project by UNESCO-MOST, The International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (ICPHS/CIPSH), Global Chinese Arts & Culture Society (GCACS) and Mémoire de l’Avenir.

Humanities, Arts and Society invites artists, researchers and creative project leaders, working individually or as collectives to present your motivations, your objectives and how your work has an impact in society.


The original open call for artists was launched in connection with the 2017 World Humanities Conference.


Videos were received from all around the world, from artists working in the disciplines of visual arts, photography, film, music, performance, creative writing, architecture, culinary arts, crafts, and more, with social challenges including ecology, discrimination, urbanism, migration, cultural memory, coexistence, education, economics and politics.


Projects can be browsed on Artists and Projects and on the Interactive Map.


The Humanities, Arts and Society platform continues to present these projects and invites artists to join this global movement, demonstrating how arts, culture and creative impact society.




HAS Magazine is established as part of the Humanities, Arts and Society project, an international movement of artists, researches and creative projects demonstrating the impact of the arts and the humanities in society.

HAS is an interdisciplinary magazine that tackles the most critical topics in contemporary society from the perspective of the humanities, social sciences and the arts.


HAS shares ideas, proposals and knowledge to provide insights, to deepen our knowledge of the world, of others and of ourselves, and to encourage action and participation.


The aim of HAS is to contribute to the development of cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations - essential to understanding complex social challenges and to tackle the questions they raise.


Creating a magazine beyond the classical boundaries of the humanities by opening its pages to reflections on complex, urgent and global issues - ecological, health, political, social, economic, gender related and more - HAS offers a platform for positive change in society on a local and global level.


The reader will find contributions that represent a wide range of research fields and artistic practices, including analytical texts, documentary projects, and creative propositions. HAS Magazine aims to propose innovative responses, opening paths to improve our present and future.

:Margalit Berriet about the HAS Project

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