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© Pablo Nunez Soler

As a research artist and curator, and the Founder/Director of HAS-MDA, I collaborate with UNESCO-MOST and CIPSH, as well as with the Académie of Paris, the Region Ile de France, and many other public and private institutions.


I have employed many forms of expression in my work, but all are characterized by a kind of harmonious chaos, in which natural elements emerge in an intuitive, instinctive, primary process. The subject matter is always questioning life, in a manner that is personal and universal at once, and that links me to the world and to others. Although my work at times seems chaotic, it is nevertheless precise.


By contrast, my photographs are a walk-through time, a subjective passing-through of the world with an eye to people, things, and situations.



From an early age I have been asking: What is art? How can I contribute to life by doing art?


I was born in Israel/Palestine. Both of my parents arrived there as refugees following World War II. Although both were living reflections of deportation, the sounds of war, and of death, both were fully engaged in life.


I was taught that Jewish mothers, Arab mothers, and all mothers cry in the same ways for their loss. This has always underlined and guided my path.


For me, art is about striving for excellency. The arts are a bridge between civilizations and time, between people, continents, and cultures. They reflect the journeys of humanity.


Human beings have always posed questions about the nature of things, producing ideas, philosophies, practices—infinite ways to live, communicate, and express themselves. That is the birth of the arts: from rites to ceremonies, from philosophies to laws, from questioning to science.


With the arts, one can attest differences, pluralism, similitude and universalism at once. The arts are tools for all forms of expression. Through art, I can fight ignorance, discrimination, racism, and prejudice, while also proposing thoughts, questions, and dialogue.


The entire body of my artistic work has have been underlined by this process of self-enquiry.


My need to contribute to humanity brought me to initiate the organization Mémoire de l'Avenir (MDA), which employs the arts as tools in education, seeking to contribute to a spirit of respect and understanding between people who are regularly confronted with injustice and inequality. MDA conducts an ongoing inquiry about identities, memories, transformations, diversities, gender, youth, and other issues, combining ethics and aesthetics to contribute to the future of life and the planet.


With the arts, we can transcend habitual ways of thinking while helping to formulate new outlooks.

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